Whenever I fire up a Football Manager save, I almost always go for something I know. Something familiar. Something secure. As we sit here, FM21 has been fully released for just over a month and I’m hugely into my main save with Hemel Hempstead (over on twitch – check it out!)

I’ve wanted to start a secondary save for a couple of years on FM, but never found the time. Always worried I’d neglect one over the other, or end up completely confused with what’s going on where.
FM21 has forced my hand to dive into a secondary save. I’ve gone small time to start with and opening up this save…

The Pentagon Challenge!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Pentagon Challenge, the aim is to win all continental cup competitions:

⚽ Asian Football Confederation Championship (AFC)
⚽ Confederation of African Football Championship (CAF)
⚽ Confederation of North, Central American & Caribbean Association Football Champions League (CONCACAF)
⚽ CONMEBOL Libertadores (Copa Libertadores)
⚽ UEFA Champions League/Cup.

You do this within the same save, starting an unemployed with minimal experience and coaching badges.

No small task I’m sure you’ll agree. So I thought I’d dive in!

I didn’t want to flood the game with all possible leagues I could manage in, so to start I loaded the following leagues…

This gave me a decent chance of making steps towards the CONCACAF and the Copa Libertadores.

Now, I have ZERO experience of managing in either of the Americas. My English non-league long ball style is bound to come in handy, right? Claudio Ofosu will want to come and play for me in Argentina, I’m sure.

Anyway, for now, we’re jumping on holiday, and we’ll see where we land…

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