The Perfect Start – Arutanga SC

As the club begins it’s journey, Henry Romeo looked to his nation of Montserrat for players to lead the club early and for inspiration from his brother who was turning Ideal SC into a top club in the country. Reaching out to a popular name in the United States for any advice with building a foundation at a club, Jimmy Conrad gave plenty of advice to young Henry Romeo and out of passion for the beautiful game he guaranteed he would be the assistant coach for Arutanga Sports Club at least until 2022 as the foundation was built.

Welcome to the Cook Islands – Arutanga SC

With Football Manager 2021 out, and working hard on getting the databases all sorted and ready for this particular save that I have been overjoyed to start. I figured I wanted to accompany my main save this year with a blog following the story I will surely be telling.

I always have tons of ideas when it comes to obscure saves in Football Manager, last year starting in Montserrat with Manager Oliver Romeo and making it all the way to 2044 as the manager of PSG, it was a journey I wish I did a blog along with, so many characters, players and non that made the save so fun and memorable (There may be a blog on this down the line). Looking for a similar journey here, but with more initial focus!