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Our Contributors

We’re extremely lucky to have a team of contributors that put their own time into crafting content for you to read or use. Find out more about those behind All For The Club below.

If you’re interested in joining the team and sharing your Football Manager stories/resources please contact us.

Jeremy ‘scootR’

Jeremy or scootR in the sunroom

Hi there, I’m Jeremy. Some of you may know me as scootR. I’ve been active in the Canadian Premier League and Football Manager communities since discovering my passion for football in my early 30’s (far too late). I’m often remembered as one of the few Canadian FM streamers on Twitch and I’m a Valour FC founding member and supporter. Through FM, I also grew to love and support Weymouth FC.

scootR’s latest

Tom ‘Mister Tomox’


I’m a father of 3 and a passionate gamer. I’ve been creating various content for YouTube and twitch for more than 3 years. My main go-to games are the Football Manager series, Fallout and Minecraft. I love exploring narratives in games (hello fallout!) and creating them in my Football Manager saves!

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