Jeremy in the sunroom

Hi there, I’m Jeremy.

Some of you may know me as scootR. I’ve been active in the Canadian Premier League and Football Manager communities since discovering my passion for football in my early 30’s (far too late). I’m often remembered as one of the few Canadian FM streamers on Twitch and I’m a Valour FC founding member and supporter. Through FM, I also grew to love and support Weymouth FC.

What is this place?

It started as my personal blog but it quickly became obvious that wasn’t the place to tell our Football Manager stories. So here we are, I spent some time on a week and founded All For The Club.

This is intended to be a collaborative space for like-minded Football Manager players who wish to share their stories in depth; but outside of a forum or a twitter thread.

FM stories?

One of my favourite things about Football Manager is the ability to tell stories, to share experiences that no other player of the game may of encountered. Before I ever wrote a blog or streamed a game, I was sharing stories on Twitter and with friends I had met within the FM community. I hope to share these stories in a bit of a longer form going forward here.

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