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With Football Manager 2021 out, and working hard on getting the databases all sorted and ready for this particular save that I have been overjoyed to start. I figured I wanted to accompany my main save this year with a blog following the story I will surely be telling.

I always have tons of ideas when it comes to obscure saves in Football Manager, last year starting in Montserrat with Manager Oliver Romeo and making it all the way to 2044 as the manager of PSG, it was a journey I wish I did a blog along with, so many characters, players and non that made the save so fun and memorable (There may be a blog on this down the line). Looking for a similar journey here, but with more initial focus!

The Club Background

As I begin the journey in the Cook Islands, I came to find that the league only has 6 teams… So our protagonist Henry Romeo, brother of the Montserratian Journeyman, decided to cut his playing time short in the Cook Islands and linked up with former teammates and family to create a new club, Arutanga Sports Club. With the other 6 teams found on the main Island of the nation, Arutanga SC is the only club on a separate island.

This team was founded with the idea of bringing the Cook Islands forward in Oceania, looking to win the Oceania Champions League and create great players that can move to on to bigger leagues to have careers to live on. But once that is achieved, who knows where Henry will begin to wonder in the world.

For the first season of existence, the club initially looks towards a mid-table finish, but with all teams being amateur in the Cook Islands, it is sure to be tight with plenty of players moving around. With no time frame on when we plan to win the continental competition, first step is getting there and gauging the competition.

The facilities, well, are what you may expect from a Pacific Island nation, poor all around, basic academy coaching, limited youth recruitment and a 500 capacity playing field right on the beach front at the Amuri Sports Fields, which will surely not be filled any time soon!

With the database I decided to change the league season a bit, the regular season runs the usual Cook Islands schedule of July to December calendar and qualifies teams for the continental competition, but starting in January we have a cup league competition that will end in May with playoffs for a tiny amount of a cash prize, with currency in the save being the NZD.

Meeting the Team

With a few ‘Star’ players, there is something to build a squad around, with most being generated players strengthening the team will be of utmost importance.

Bradley Woods-Garness (AM/ST) and Dajour Buffonge (D) both Montserrat Internationals move away from England to join building the club as the ‘Star’ players, both having played in the prestigious Isthmian leagues and ideally bringing seniority and experience into what is sure to be an inexperienced club. Third ‘star’ is younger brother to both Oliver and Henry, Marcel Romeo is a midfielder who can perform at a high level in the league, but not exactly the strongest midfielder.

As for the rest of the team (At least the likely starters for now):

Paul Stevenson (ST) – At initial viewing of the club, our best striker for the formation we will run, if a better option is brought in, likely to be an impact player.

James Inia (AM) – A young versatile attacking midfielder who will see plenty of playing time in any position he will be needed, just lacking some pace for sure.

Sam Manuel (DM) – Now we hit more iffy players, Manuel will do a job as a ball winner in midfield, but not sure if he can do much else. Improvement needed here and elsewhere in midfield.

Alan Tatuava (D) – Solid enough central defender, with fantastic leadership, hopefully he can lead the club to some solid performances in the coming years… But our only decent central defender.

Lachlan Manuela (GK) – The less said the better, will be looking for GK’s heavily as the save begins.

With the lack of many other players to mention, note worthy transfers will all be included in the first blog post wrapping up the initial season for Arutanga SC along with meeting staff members and other various information!

Looking at a 4-3-3 Wide for the season is a typical formation for myself, but what the wide AM’s are doing varies very often, we will have to see where it all ends up going.

Special thanks to @Chris_ANZFM on Twitter for providing the great kits we will be carrying at the club, cannot wait to see them win trophies! Also big shout to all of the ANZFM guys focused at @ANZ_fm for finding me to provide these great kits!

Huge thanks to @_scootR for providing a space to release these blogs, and a nice variety on his site for content! Feel free to provide feedback and criticism as the blog progresses, I’m relatively new to posting so pointers are always appreciated!

Connect with me over at Twitter: @KubeFM_

Alternatively in various Discords in the community!

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